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Benefits -

  • Designed specifically for Breastfeeding Mums, because they have different nutritional needs than pregnant women.
  • They need less Folate and Iron and more Vitamin A and Iodine.
  • Sugar Free Vegetarian, Vegan Without Animal By-products No Preservatives, Coloring or Flavoring Pure, Easy to Digest Nutrients Real Nutrition
  • Provides Gentle Nourishment for Baby's Brain, Heart, and Bones During Postnatal Breastfeeding e Product and Postpartum


The NATURELO Postnatal Multivitamin is a whole food supplement designed for breastfeeding women & their infants.

This is the multivitamin breastfeeding moms need to support the healthy growth and development of their newborn baby.

How To Use:

Take three (3) capsules daily with a meal and a full glass of water.

You can open the capsules and sprinkle the vitamin powder on your food or drink. Mixing with think liquids such as yogurt or applesauce works best.

Each bottle contains a thirty (30) day supply of vitamins, minerals and herbs to support


Naturally sourced from plant-based ingredients.

Made in USA, Non-GMO, Vegan & Vegetarian, GMP Certified, 3rd Party Tested, has NO Coloring / Flavoring / Preservatives / Yeast / Dairy / Fish / Shellfish / Eggs / Corn / Nuts.

Vitamin A (as natural beta-carotene; from D. salina with full-spectrum carotenoids) 1300 mcg RAE 100%, Vitamin C (50% Acerola Cherries & 50% natural L-ascorbate) 120 mg 100%, Vitamin D3 (as plant cholecalciferol; from Wild-Harvested Lichen) 20 mcg 133%, Vitamin E (natural; from Organic Rice Bran) 19 mg 100%, Vitamin K2 (natural; as menaquinone-7; from B. licheniformis) 90 mcg 100%, Thiamin (natural benfotiamine) 1.5 mg 107%, Riboflavin 1.6 mg 100%, Niacin (niacinamide) 18 mg 100%, Vitamin B6 (as P-5-P) 2 mg 100%, Folate [as Quatrefolic® (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF)] 500 mcg DFE 83%, Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 2.8 mcg 100%, Biotin 35 mcg 100%, Pantothenic Acid 7 mg 100%, Calcium [50% Aquamin & 50% citrate] 300 mg 23%, Iron (ferrous fumarate) 9 mg 33%, Iodine (from Organic Kelp) 290 mcg 100%, Magnesium (from citrate) 300 mg 75%, Zinc (as amino acid chelate) 13 mg 100%, Selenium (as yeast-free L-selenomethionine) 70 mcg 100%, Copper (as amino acid chelate) 1.3 mg 100%, Manganese (as sulfate) 2.6 mg 100%, Chromium (organically bound w/GTF activity) 45 mcg 100%, Molybdenum (Krebs complex) 50 mcg 100%, Choline (from Sunflower lecithin) 55 mg 10%, Milk Supply Boosting Blend [Organic Fenugreek 20 mg, Organic Blessed Thistle 20 mg, Organic Fennel 20 mg, Organic Stinging Nettle 20 mg, Organic Alfalfa 20 mg].

* Disclaimer - "This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease"..... If in doubt we always recommend you consult your wellness or health care practitioner before adding any diet changes or supplements to your daily wellness routine and practise.