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Our Story

Blissful was founded by Evelyn Muscat in 2016 after passing through traumatic times with her close friends and families health she wanted to share with the world what she has learnt.

After discovering alternative ways to heal one’s body after following a bespoke Epigenetic Optimal Wellness Plan, combined with the right foods, supplements, vitamins and minerals. Her loved ones began to thrive again once the cellular and gene profile changed.

Having seen the difference, it made to her loved one’s quality of life, Evelyn found a desire to help others in their quest for health and wellness.  

Their mission at blissful is to help customers understand their bodies. Raising awareness of the body’s ability to naturally heal itself, through knowledge and understanding of natural wellness. Delivering the highest quality of wellness information, services, support, products, training and therapy to all those that require it.

Blissful is a health and wellness sanctuary where you will only find the best in class-products. That have been tried and tested before going on sale customers and if they don’t pass Blissful's strict standards, we won’t stock them.

4 reasons customers can count on Blissful when looking to optimise their health.

  1. Tried and tested: All our Supplements, vitamins & minerals are tried and tested before being sold instore and online.
  2. Quality: We source the best quality ingredients and free from fillers, artificial preservatives & colours.
  3. Care: Our team of experts care and are passionate. Interested in how you sleep, what you eat, your energy levels, what's worked for you and what hasn't, and where you want to go with your health.
  4. Belief: That Supplements, vitamins & minerals should be used appropriately; and should be used based on your unique needs.