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Lithium Balance 200 Tablets

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Supports Healthy Brain Chemical Responses
Healthy mood balance and maybe a possible strong alternative to anti-depressants
Supports Balanced Moods 
Safe potential mood stabilizer

    Lithium Balance includes the trace mineral lithium in the supplemental orotate form. Lithium is a normally happening trace mineral observed in several foods, with the primary references including certain whole grains and vegetables. Lithium is present in organs and systems throughout the body and may play an important biological function in humans and other animals.

    The trace mineral organic lithium paired with the organic substance orotate creates a safe mood stabilizer and healthy alternative to anti-depressants.
    Orotate is an organic "carrier" that brings the natural Lithium exactly where it needs to be delivered so that it reaches the blood cells of our brain. This is where chemical imbalances occur. When organic Lithium is combined with Orotate, it is reported to be many times more effective than the chemical, inorganic Lithium, and to have NO side effects.

    Lithium Balance is 100% natural, highly effective, and completely safe to use as a mood stabilizer and option to anti-depressants. It does not lower your energy level and has no harmful side effects.


    Take 1 or 2 tablets per day with food, or as directed.

    Lithium (from 114mg Lithium Oratate) 10 mg
    Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose and Medium-chain fatty acids.


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