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Castor Oil Bundle
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Hormonal Balance: Castor Oil packs can be used over the lower abdomen to support hormonal balance. It may help regulate menstrual cycles and promote overall hormonal health.

Fertility Support: Castor Oil packs applied to the lower abdomen can help promote circulation to the reproductive organs and support fertility.

Breast Health: Massaging the breasts with Castor Oil may help promote healthy lymphatic flow and support breast health.

Skin Care: Castor Oil can be used topically to moisturize and nourish the skin, which is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and addressing common issues like dryness or stretch marks.

Boosts Liver Health: Promote liver detoxification, reduce inflammation, and support overall liver function.

Facilitates Detoxification: Aid in toxin elimination, enhance natural detox processes, and support healthy digestion.

Supports Lymphatic System: Boost lymphatic flow, reduce swollen lymph nodes, and help remove toxins and waste products.

Revitalise your body with our Blissful Castor Oil Therapy Bundle (cold pressed and hexane free).

Experience the power of Castor Oil to boost your lymphatic system, remove toxins, and reduce swelling. Our bundle includes premium Castor Oil and a soft Wool Flannel for easy application.


Castor Oil (Various size options)


Prepare your environment:

  • Heat the oil with a heating pad / hot water bottle for better absorption.
  • Place a water-resistant barrier like plastic cling film.
  • Set up a bowl to saturate the wool flannel.
  • Lay down an old towel, robe, or blanket for comfort.


Apply the castor pack:

  • Lie flat and position the saturated flannel on your abdomen.
  • Cover it with a protective barrier.
  • Place a heat pad on top.
  • Wrap the towel/robe/blanket around your body for warmth.


Relax for 45 minutes to an hour:

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere with tea, candles, or entertainment.
  • Let the castor oil nourish your body.


After removal:

  • Cleanse the area with water.
  • The castor oil pack can be reused.
  • Apply the pack at least 5 out of 7 days for best results.

Castor Oil 100% (cold pressed and hexane free)

Cotton flannel cloth


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