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Shower Head Filter Refil Kit

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  • Advanced Water Filtration – A multi-stage REPLACEMENT KIT for filtered shower heads, our set includes a Vitamin C block, tourmaline balls, zeolite, Maifan stones, and negative ion balls that work together to clean and purify water.
  • Restorative Vitamin C – The added vitamin block in our shower filter set helps remove chlorine and chloramine more effectively to help soften hard water and to leave hair and skin feeling soft and looking radiant.
  • Remove Chemicals and Impurities – The tourmaline helps raise the pH level of your water while the zeolite and Maifan stones help remove heavy metals and chemicals, such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and pesticides.
  • Eliminate Hard Water Up to 4 Months – This shower filter refill kit offers reliable filtration for up to four months while still allowing you to maintain high water pressure and superior water efficiency over standard kits
  • Quick and Easy Installation – Compatible with most shower head filter systems, our replacement kit can be installed by simply unscrewing the head, removing all the old filtration components, and adding ours back in.