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Price: €140

There is so much information and misinformation out there that it can be really daunting for parents who are trying to raise their children on either a strict vegan diet or simply a more predominantly plant-based diet. This programme is tailored towards the nutritional needs of growing children. Through this programme I provide guidance to parents so that they can feel confident in their decisions whilst ensuring their children are getting the proper nutrition they need. It includes a list of daily staples, important foods on a plant-based diet, superfoods for children, recommended supplements, immune support, help with picky eaters and a list of recipes. We also look at ways to talk about veganism, ethics and sustainability with
children. It includes:

  • A questionnaire sent via email
  • 2 clinic sessions
  • Handouts provided via email - which includes your bespoke programme, recipes and handouts.
  • 1 follow up call

Price: €140 (excluding clinic fee)

Clinic fee: €8 an hour

Follow consultations are available at €40 an hour.