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Yoni Jade Egg

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Genuine Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg Certificate of Authenticity Included With Your Order

Authentic Nephrite Jade is said to bless whatever it touches and has been one of the most sought-after materials in the world for more than 6,000 years. It is still considered to be a sacred stone in China, where a master stone carver will often greet it with a bow before carving it, in acknowledgment of the stone’s power and purity. Nephrite Jade is the best crystal for a yoni egg intended for regular wear and practice; it is also the suggested stone of choice for beginners for a number of reasons; When you look at the facts, there’s no surprise why the Empresses of the Royal Palace in China favoured the jade egg over other gemstone yoni eggs. Physically, Nephrite Jade is a very hard and nonporous stone that will last a lifetime with proper care. It is smooth, easy to clean and very hard to break or crack. It also has a high thermal conductivity; therefore your body will not need to use as much energy to keep “heating” the yoni egg. Natural nephrite is chemically neutral when it comes in contact with the yoni and does not emit any unwanted chemicals or change the natural pH balance of the body. Nephrite jade is known to be the best stone for the female reproductive system. It’s a very heart opening stone and can help aid in cleansing unwanted energies. With a regular practice it becomes important to energetically cleanse your jade egg by putting it in a bowl of sea salt, or washing it in the ocean, and leaving it out to charge under a full moon. Nephrite Jade is the only stone that is recommended for prolonged wear during the day and throughout the night, because the energy of the other crystals can feel more intense, intended to be used for one or two hours at a time, ideally during meditative activities. Nephrite on the other hand is a very gentle and protective stone that shields the owner from external unwanted energy, while working on healing any past traumas or energetic build up. Where other crystals might stir the emotions, which could become overwhelming at times, the jade egg works softly and promotes a sense of well-being. "Nephrite" is from the Greek word "nephros" which means ‘kidney’ with reference to its efficacy in treating kidney disease. Nephrite jade, the "Stone of Heaven", radiates far-infrared rays, which bring beneficial effects for the human body, especially good on skin, enhances blood circulation and is skin cell vitalizing. It is proven scientifically that nephrite is a wonderful healing stone. It helps the body in self-healing while working through underlying, non-physical reasons for a precipitation for disease. It is particularly helpful for healing kidney, heart and stomach complaints. In China, this gemstone is believed to bring its wearer good health and protection. While everything has a price, Jade is priceless because it stands for the essence of purity and the symbol of life. The yoni egg is a practice that evolved in ancient China based on ying-yang principle of Taoism, and the yoni egg was and still is Nephrite Jade Egg according to Taoism. Emotional/Spiritual benefits: Nephrite Jade is considered the most gentle grounding stone on earth. It is a gentle and soothing gem intended to protect and encourage peaceful energy in the heart and throughout the body. Jade is a crystal of love. It is supportive of new love and increases trustworthiness and fidelity, it is also a beautiful stone for enhancing self love and appreciation. This crystal is ideal for women who are particularly sensitive to energy, healing from an illness, or overcoming sexual trauma because nephrite jade quickens physical and emotional healing processes. Jade is also known as the “dream stone”, and assists in dream recall, analysis, and connection to ancient wisdom. It aids in balancing male and female energy and works to stabilize and protect the body and mind. Give yourself the gift of love. Nephrite Jade is a stone you buy once for a lifetime. Please keep in mind that most jade sold on the market is fake, chemically altered, or made out of pressed stone chip. Always look for certified nephrite jade when shopping for jade eggs to assure the best quality and safety for your health. Both Drilled and Undrilled options are available Chakra: Heart Size: 30x43mm (Medium size, perfect for beginners ) Medium size is perfect for most women to start with. This Yoni Egg comes with a signature gift box, carrying pouch and practice guide. Please note that each stone is unique in appearance as every one of us. The colour of the jade egg: lighter green, dark green, or black. All of our yoni eggs are cut from 100% natural nephrite jade, and colour varies. The actual yoni egg you received might not look the same as the one shown in the pictures above. Our Jade Eggs and are perfectly smooth and are always inspected for any chips and cracks before shipping. No chemicals are used during the manufacturing process. No fillers or dyes, the only material of the egg is Pure Nephrite Jade. Suitable for internal use. Yoni Egg practice is NOT recommended for women who are pregnant, have an Intrauterine Device (IUD), have an infection or a pre-existing health condition. You can find more information in our FAQ section that comes with your Egg.