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Tips For Not Overeating This Christmas Season


The holiday season is a time for festivities and closeness with friends and families. We sit back and relax in our homes, enjoy the time without worrying about anything, and cherish the moments to the fullest. But one vice also comes with the holiday season - overeating.

Although some of us are careful about our eating patterns and track the calories we put into our bodies, many people become negligent and don't check their calorie intake. This neglect of calorie intake can lead to significant weight gain during holidays. People quickly gain 0.5kg to 1kg during this period. 


overeating this christmas


You might think this is only a tiny amount of weight and should not concern us much. But many people don't think about losing this extra weight in the days following the holidays, and these extra kilograms stay with them for a long time. Extra weight has already been linked with severe health problems. Thus being careful not to gain this weight in the holiday time becomes essential. 


Today, we will look at some tips we recommend to reduce our eating habits during the holidays so that you don't gain this extra weight. 

Tips To Prevent Overeating 

Here are some of the best tips to prevent overeating and getting some extra pounds on your body: 

1. Do Activities With Friends And Family 

Many people adopt a sedentary lifestyle during the holidays and take to the couch and TV to spend their time. Overeating usually follows this sedentary habit because people don't have anything else to do all day. Both inactivity and overeating cause people to gain a couple of pounds. 


To prevent this, you must interact with your friends and family and do some activities together. These can include doing chores around the house, playing indoor games, or just having a couple of walks around your backyard. 


These activities will reduce your sedentary time and overeating and decrease the chances of any weight gain.

Christmas overeating

2. Limit Your Sugar Intake 

Excessive sugar intake is one of the leading causes of weight gain. Extra sugar gets converted into fats and gets stored around the body, leading to an increase in weight. During the holiday season, we often eat sweets, chocolates, and other foods containing processed sugar. This activity can be very detrimental to our bodies and cause weight gain. 


Thus, you must limit your sugar intake. This can be done by limiting the number of sweets and desserts you eat. Sugar levels in the body can also be controlled by using chromium.


Chromium is a mineral that regulates the amount of insulin in the body. Insulin is directly related to limiting your blood sugars. Thus you should take chromium supplements to ensure that your insulin levels are up to the mark.

3. Counter Bloatedness 

Bloatedness can quickly occur during the holidays as we are unaware of what we put in our bodies. Rich diets like turkeys, chicken, and desserts can bloat our stomachs and put our unease. This unease during the holidays can mess up our holiday spirit and put a hurdle in our enjoyment. 


One way to counter bloatedness is to limit our rich food intake. Eating less will prevent belly discomfort. Another way is to use certain supplements, one example of which is our Essential Digestive Plus Capsules. 


Essential digestive enzymes

These capsules contain many essential enzymes that help our bodies digest food. These enzymes are protease, amylase, invertase, and lactase, among many others, which help you digest the rich and heavy foods you have been eating during the holiday season. 


These capsules help with digestion, improve the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, promote the growth of healthy bacteria in our gut, and provide relief from indigestion and stomach discomfort. We strongly recommend using the Essential Digestive Plus Capsules to help you with bloating and other stomach issues during the holidays. 

4. Increase Your Fiber Intake  

Fibers are present in green foods like vegetables and certain types of fruits. These help us with our digestion and also limit the absorption of calories. 


Unfortunately, many foods we eat during the holidays have large amounts of calories and low amounts of essential fibers. Such foods not only limit our fiber intake but also cause weight gain due to their excess calories. 


Thus, we strongly recommend using fiber-rich foods to prevent weight gain and improve digestion. Fibers will also help you with your digestion, and you won't get any stomach issues. 

5. Share Healthy Dishes 

One common practice during the holidays is that many families and friends bring unhealthy dishes rich in sugar and calories. Consumption of these dishes leads to weight gain.


You should realize that consuming large amounts of such foods not only increases weight but can also cause stomach issues and bloating. We recommend bringing some healthy dishes to the party to prevent these problems. 


You can bring a salad or another dish containing healthy veggies. Such dishes will not only prevent weight gain but also increase your fiber and mineral intake, which will help your body detoxify. 


Holidays are a time of happiness and merry-making. Enjoying with friends and families is one of the highlights of this season, and we look forward to such times throughout the year. But we often indulge in sedentary and unhealthy activities this season and put on a couple extra pounds. 


Limiting the amount of food we consume during this season is necessary to prevent this. We should also indulge in more physical activities and limit our sugar intake. Sharing healthy meals and increasing our fiber intake will also help us a lot in this regard. Being only a little mindful of our foods and activities during the holidays will go a long way in preventing weight gain, and we can enjoy the holidays to the fullest without worrying about the deterioration of our health.