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Stress and Anxiety Can Be High At This Time Of The Year

The holiday season can be a difficult time for some people. The unusual hustle and bustle at home, the holiday decorations, market trips, and food preparations can exhaust people physically. These activities can also negatively affect the mental health of people. Thus, it is not unusual to see people suffering from stress or anxiety during this time of the year. 

This fact was reinforced by several studies and surveys, which found that most people found the holiday season to be 'very stressful' or 'somewhat stressful.' Thus, we can acknowledge that stress and anxiety can present themselves during the holiday season, and people must take adequate measures to prevent themselves from suffering from these two conditions. 

Stress and Anxiety


Causes Of The Increased Stress And Anxiety

While stress and anxiety can be caused due to a variety of factors, some of the most important causes during the holiday season include:

1. Excessive Workload

The workload and activities in homes are just too much for some people. Different activities, though fun, can become quite stressful if done in excess amounts. The pressure to handle the party in an organized way can also lead to a person getting stressed over the itty bitty details of the party, and the workload on them to make the party better can be too much. Thus, these people can develop stress and anxiety during the holiday season. 

2. Excessive Spending And Consumption

The amount spent on gifts, food, and decor can sometimes be substantial. In addition to this expenditure, people consume excessive food or alcoholic beverages. This excessive spending can leave people with money problems after the holidays. Excessive food consumption can also cause health problems at the moment and after a short while. 


Thus, financial spending and excessive consumption of alcohol, beverages, and food can lead to stress during the holiday season.

Stress can get to all of us

3. Being Lonely In The Crowd

Some people are not liked by the people present at the party. It can happen due to several reasons. The person might not be a favorite among the crowd or might be a cause of nuisance for some people. In this case, the said person is left out during the party, and he feels all alone despite the significant number of people present. This loneliness can lead to anxiety and stress, and the person can suffer a lot. 

Dealing With This Seasonal Stress And Anxiety

Whatever the cause, dealing with this holiday stress is essential for the individual's general well-being. Here are several ways by which you can go about this.

1. Set Your Priorities

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the vast amounts of activities happening during the holiday season, you should limit your attention to only some. Setting your priorities straight can help you a lot in this regard. By prioritizing your activities and deciding the amount of attention to give to specific ones, you can limit your attention to only the important ones. This will help you clear the clutter and will help you deal with stress due to overload. 

2. Control Your Spending And Consumption Habits

Keeping a check on the amount of money you are spending can help you immensely. Limit the expenditure to just a small amount of fancy stuff, like expensive decor and alcohol. You can do just fine with a minimalistic decor setting. 


Also, try to limit the amount of food you consume. Keeping a check on the food will help you deal with physical and mental health problems and improve your anxiety.

3. Use Stress-Relief Products

If all else fails, you can also try some products to help with stress. Blissful’s natural organic stress-relief products are the best in this regard. Some of the most popular products in this regard include:

1. Triple Complex Mood Tonic 

Triple complex mood tonic can relieve you of feelings such as sadness and anxiety while simultaneously reducing lethargy, mood swings, and irritability. The best thing about it is that you can use it without concern about your gut, and it is suitable for all age groups.

                     Triple Mood Tonic

2. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha can improve the levels of stress hormones, mainly cortisol. It can also give the body extra strength by improving skeletal muscle mass and is a proven way to increase the body's energy levels to deal with stress and anxiety.

3. Magnesium Bisglycinate

Magnesium Bisglycinate relieves stress and anxiety and helps the body deal with different ailments. Besides helping with anxiety, it can also help deal with conditions like abnormal bone growth and diabetes. 




People can come under a lot of stress during the holiday season. It is natural to have stress and anxiety when there is too much on your plate. It would help if you tried to identify and eliminate the causes of stress and work on ways to prevent them. Controlling the expenditures and consumption during the holidays, keeping a check on the workload you are involved in, and interacting with as many people as possible will help you deal with this stress and anxiety. You can also use Blissful products to help you deal with anxiety during these days.