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Santa’s List - The Best Presents For Friends and Family

Christmas is when everyone wonders what gifts to give their loved ones. Tremendous amounts of gift ideas are available in-shop as well as online, and choosing the best one can be overwhelming for some people. With this thought in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the best products you can give to others and can see the smiles on their faces. 

This list contains some of our personal favorites items, and by gifting these, you are sure to please your loved ones, whether they be your friends, family, or significant others. Some of the items in this list are unique and useful for everyday life simultaneously, so they are sure to satisfy others and revitalize the spirit of Christmas in this blissful time. 

The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Here are some of the best Christmas gift ideas to help you choose the best gift for your loved ones:

Booja Booja Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Truffles

This delicious chocolate is sure to add to the Christmas treats of your family. The kids will undoubtedly get excited and happy with this chocolate box under the Christmas tree. The flavour and texture of this chocolate can be one of the best sweets your family can enjoy.

This chocolate is entirely dairy, gluten-free, vegan, and has no palm oil added. You can enjoy this organic chocolate without worrying about any harmful effects on your health.

You can check out the rest of our food gifts here 

Himalayan Salt Lamps

A Himalayan salt lamp can be the best choice for a gift if you want to bring some positive energy into the homes of your loved ones. These tiny lamps are ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and on all types of desks and shelves. 

                       Himalayan Salt Lamp


These salt lamps can eliminate your room's excessive moisture, pollens, and allergens. Once these harmful substances enter the lamps, they are trapped and stay within them. By eliminating the pollen and allergens, these lamps limit the allergic substances flowing into the air. The air can thus become clean of all the harmful substances for people allergic to them. Thus, these lamps are ideal for any of your friends or family members who have some problems with their breathing.


You can check the Himalayan Salt Lamp here in our shop. 

Gentle Heat Diffuser

During Christmas, the environment is cold, and people often complain about the weather. Some people also experience changes in their health due to the cold and thaw. This Gentle Heat Diffuser can be the best solution to all these problems.


                  Puresessential heat diffuser

You can use this diffuser to diffuse our 100% natural organic products and other essential oils you need. You can also use this diffuser to help you with all your health problems through the help of aromatherapy and can eliminate the use of candles for this purpose.


This can be one of the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones, as it can benefit them during the cold months when they want a simple yet effective method to deal with their health problems when pairing with one of Puressential Essential Oil blends below:

Organic True Lavender Essential Oil

This 100% natural and organic true lavender essential oil will help you rejuvenate your home and improve your health. It has a soft floral fragrance, and you can easily use it in your diffusers, baths, or inhalers.


This gift will help your friends and family deal with all types of health problems. Through the options of using this oil in diffusion or inhalation, your loved ones are sure to make their houses comfortable and easier to live in. It functions as an essential oil and has all the benefits and uses expected from essential oil. 


Air Purifying Blend

The house's ventilation is usually compromised in the cold winter, and the air quality can worsen. The kitchens, toilets, and living rooms can get stuffy as well. The house can also get smelly with the whole family in the house. This air-purifying blend can be one of the best ways to deal with this problem. 

In addition, to use in houses, you can also use this blend in offices, basements, and small working spaces. Its 100% natural organic ingredients can purify the air entirely and make it safe for everyone to breathe. This can be the best gift choice for your close ones and can make their lives easier. 

Cleansing Himalayan Salt 

What’s better than gifting something beneficial for the health of your loved ones? Himalayan salt isn’t only good to look at but also has tons of health benefits thanks to the minerals it contains. These minerals can eliminate toxins from our body, balance the body’s PH, and normalize blood pressure. It also serves other purposes, like being used in spa treatments and cosmetics. 




We have talked about some of the best Christmas gifts you can give your loved ones. With these natural organic gifts and others present on the Blissful site, you will surely get the best gift ideas for this upcoming Christmas. These gift ideas are one of the best solutions to many health problems. Your relatives will love these gifts, and they can also add to their general well-being. Decide which ones you will give your family, and you can start ordering them from the Blissful site today.