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Can Vitamin C boost immunity?

Vitamin C and how it may help you

Vitamin C has attracted a lot of attention due to its health benefits and due to Covid 19 as many individuals have started focusing on immunity strengthening vitamins and supplements.
Vitamin c for immunity
It is believed that a weakened immune system will make you more prone to infections and it will lead to a higher risk of complications due to the disease.
Therefore it is important to strengthen your immunity system and what better way than including Vitamin C in your diet or taking it as a supplement.
The recommended daily amounts of Vitamin C vary by age and gender.
The recommended dietary allowances for Vitamin C are as follows:
0-6 months 40 mg 40 mg
7-12 months 50 mg 50 mg
1-3 years 15 mg 15 mg
4-8 years 25 mg 25 mg
9-13 years 45 mg 45 mg
14-18 years 75 mg 65 mg
19+ years 90 mg 75 mg

It is 
commonly advised to get your Vitamin C intake from a healthy diet. If you are unable to meet the required intake suggest you turn to supplements to meet your daily requirements.


Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and an essential micronutrient for humans. It has a vital role to play and linked to immunity and immense health benefits. With good reason, known as “the immunity vitamin”. It helps to heal cuts and wounds not to mention supporting the adrenals when one is under stress.


Vitamin C helps heal wounds





If your body cannot produce the required intake, from your daily diet. You can increase it through supplementation.






More health benefits of Vitamin C include:


  • Helps you to look younger by producing collagen that improves your skin

  • Helps maintain healthy blood vessels, bones and cartilage

  • Blocks the damage caused by free radicals and helps prevent cancer

  • Helps with wound healing

  • Helps your body absorb iron and support normal growth and development

Vitamin c can help with ageing


The scientific name for pure Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid and it is an essential nutrient for healthy immune system response while sustaining minimal damageOnce the bugs infiltrate the body, Vitamin C helps direct immune cells called neutrophils and enhances chemotaxis, phagocytosis, generation of reactive oxygen species, and results in microbial killing.






Scientists are yet to pinpoint the exact role of Vitamin C in lymphocytes, but it is linked to variation and escalation of B- and T-cells mainly due to its gene regulating effects.






  • Healthy cells stay alive

  • Shortens the common cold

  • Assists in preventing serious complications


Deficiency in this vital vitamin can result in impaired immunity and higher susceptibility to infections and illnesses.


Low Vitamin C levels are also linked to many other health issues such as bleeding gums and tooth loss.


So How Do We Get More Vitamin C In Our Bodies? 

As we said earlier diets is best. Many fruits and vegetables are sources of this vital vitamin. It is good to consume:


  • Lemons, Oranges, Limes, Pomegranates, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Kiwifruit, Green and Red Bell Peppers
  • Spinach, Brussels sprouts, Broccoli



Consuming these raw or cooked, but it is best to have them fresh as when heated or stored for long periods the nutrient value is lost.
How to get more Vitamin C into your body


If you cannot get your recommended daily dose of vitamin C through diet. Blissful recommends the following tried and tested supplements:



Camu Camu Vitamin C 90 Capsules





Camu Camu fruit has one of the highest recorded amounts of natural vitamin C. It provides over 2,700 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit.






It is rich in vitamins, minerals & complex amino acids that aid in the absorption of vitamin C & it is an excellent source of potassium.
It is also great for those who are allergic to Absorbic Acid.






Vitamin C Zooki Box of 30 Sachets





Convenient, Easy-to-Mix, including Great-Tasting. Enjoy it straight from the packet on a spoon, mix into water, kefir, smoothies, shakes, or drizzle over fruit or salads. Get 1,000 mg of high-dose Liposomal Vitamin C per 15 ml sachet.






British-Made with No Alcohol or Artificial Ingredients. Effortlessly absorbent liposomes are a safe, secure, and super-effective way to increase low vitamin C.






It is also time to follow all the safety guidelines with a dose of Vitamin C if you want to stay safe from Covid 19, colds or flu.