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Blissful’s 8 Tips For Healthy Ageing

Growing old is inevitable, but your habits and lifestyle do play a role in determining the speed at which your body ages. A healthy body and mind can make you look and feel younger, allowing you to enjoy your life better. And with the right approach, you can live your best life even as your grey hair and facial lines increase. So, during this healthy ageing month, let's take a look at some secrets that can help you age slowly and gracefully.

Common Habits That Accelerate The Process Of Ageing

Ageing isn't something that you can control. But some things you do can quicken the process of ageing to some extent. Below are a few unhealthy habits that may be causing you to age quicker than usual.

  • Eating too much junk food
  • Not drinking enough fluids
  • Excessive smoking
  • Lack of sleep
  • Increased stress
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Using chemical-laden skincare products

Tips For Healthy Ageing

Here are a few things to do if you want your mind and body to be in the best condition even as you grow older.

1. Ensure A Healthy Diet

It's no secret that the food you eat plays a crucial role in maintaining your overall health and as you age, it's a good idea to stick to foods rich in fiber and low in fat content. A healthy diet consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grain cereals, lean protein, and healthy fats can help protect your body from a range of health related issues, thereby keeping you strong and active.


In addition, try cutting down on packaged and junk food. If you want to get serious about age prevention we suggest you book an appointment with one of our specialists at our diet & nutrition clinic in Naxxar, Malta 

2. Don't Neglect Your Skin

Your skin is one of the first organs to exhibit signs of ageing. And while most people tend to ignore a bit of dryness or fine lines, neglecting your skin can make you appear much older than you are. But, with a little bit of care everyday, you can maintain the health of your skin and slow down the natural ageing process.


For instance, make sure to moisturise your skin everyday to maintain hydration. It's best to avoid chemical skincare products as these may do more harm than good in the long run. Try sticking to natural products that are gentle on the skin. Also, avoid going outdoors without wearing sunscreen or protective clothing.

3. Regular Exercise Can Help

Regular physical activity can help you stay active along with slowing down cognitive decline. It can also lower stress levels, while lowering the risk of health issues like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.


You don't need to engage in strenuous exercise to keep your body healthy. Just try spending an hour everyday on walking briskly, cycling, swimming, etc, and you will notice a difference in your health. Regular exercise also helps increase your energy levels, promote your appetite, and ensure better sleep.

4. Go For Regular Health Check Ups

Regular checkups with your health care specialist, this should be a top priority as you grow older. Just like a visit to the hairdresser or barber is. This can help you identify any potential health issues early and treat them in time so that they don't pose a greater threat to your health later on. This is more important if you already have any existing health condition and are on medication to manage it. Schedule appointments on a regular basis to help keep your body functioning at its best. Prevention is better than cure!

5. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so make sure you don't neglect it either. If you have been feeling low, stressed, or depressed, it's best to get in touch with a mental health expert at the earliest. These professionals will be able to provide the right advice depending on your symptoms.


You can try stress-management techniques like using essential oil diffusers, meditation, etc. at home too. In addition, make sure to keep yourself socially active - call or meet up with friends and family on a regular basis to eliminate feelings of isolation. Don't forget we have our snug and library should you be based in Malta, pop in an see us.

Should you wish to speak with a qualified professional you can check book an appointment at our mind clinic here

6. Take Health Supplements

Sometimes, it may not be possible to get all the nutrients your body needs from the food you eat. And the lack of nutrients can pose problems, especially as you age. You can avoid this by adding food supplements to your diet - these ensure that you get the required dose of nutrients to keep your body healthy.


Nutri-tide NT is an effective and safe food supplement by Blissful Health and Wellness. This specially formulated powder can help manage stress and strengthen your immune and digestive system, thereby assisting you in healthy ageing.

Others include:

  • Totally Derma
  • Bone Broth

7. Get Enough Sleep

Many older adults tend to suffer from insomnia, and this can have a negative effect on your health. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can try creating and sticking to a sleep schedule to ensure that you get the required hours of sleep everyday. Using relaxing essential oils is also a good idea.


You can also reach out to your therapist, health care practitioner to understand alternative medicine can help such a melatonin, magnesium that can assist with sleepless nights.

Listen to meditation music one of our favourites is the calm app or good vibes.

8. Try To Avoid Smoking And Alcohol

Last but not least, excess smoking or drinking has been known to create a host of health issues in addition to accelerating the process of ageing. Smoking especially can damage the lungs, leading to potentially fatal diseases like lung damage and cancer. Quitting smoking may seem difficult, but the benefits make taking the step well worth it.


The same is true for alcohol - try limiting it to one drink per day or less to keep yourself healthy and less prone to diseases.

Summing Up

So, these were a few effective tips that would enable you to age gracefully. Try these out during this healthy ageing month to keep your body and mind in the best possible condition even as you age.