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6 Steps To Boost Your Child’s Immune System As They Go Back To School

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus disease was responsible for the shutdown of schools at a global level, keeping children confined to their homes for close to two years. While studies continued online, the constant exposure to laptop or smartphone screens combined with the lack of enough physical activities has taken a toll on their bodies. Children's immunity, especially, has been weakened to a considerable extent, making them more vulnerable to a plethora of health issues.

Children back to school - boost their immune system tips

Therefore, as children go back to school after a gap of almost two years, there are a few precautions that all parents need to take. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can help strengthen your child’s immunity. If you aren't sure where to start, below are a few steps you can follow.

1. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Healthy food can make your child strong from within. Therefore, you need to include lots of nutrient-rich food in their everyday diet to help strengthen their immune system. Go for fresh vegetables like spinach, carrots, broccoli, green beans, etc., along with citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. These foods ensure that your child receives the required dose of antioxidants, iron, and vitamin C, which helps to protect them from common infections.


In addition, add calcium-rich food like milk as well as some sources of protein and healthy fatty acids to ensure their normal growth and development. Try to limit their intake of unhealthy junk food, as these may do more harm than good.

2. Ensure Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can weaken the immune system in adults and children alike. So no matter how much they insist on watching TV or playing with a smartphone till late at night, you need to take steps to ensure they sleep on time every day. 


You see, children of school-going age need around 9-12 hours of sleep daily to maintain their physical and mental health. While the required amount of sleep does vary by age, sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on your child’s immune system, making them more susceptible to illnesses. To avoid this, encourage your child to follow a regular sleep schedule so that they get enough rest.

3. Regular Exercise Is Essential

Regular exercise can work wonders for children's health. Daily physical activities can not only keep your child’s immune system strong but also result in attaining a healthy weight and stronger bones and muscles.


While the Covid-19 pandemic might have restricted your daily outings with your children, staying active does not necessarily mean that they need to go play outside. Try exercising with them for at least an hour every day - you can do it in your house or backyard too. Playing a sport, taking a walk, or even cycling can benefit your child’s health significantly.

4. Use Immunity Boosting Supplements

As parents, you sure understand how fussy kids can be when it comes to certain foods. And while this may seem like a trivial matter, your child could be missing out on some essential nutrients that could help them fight off infections. Therefore, it's a good idea to use immunity-strengthening supplements for them.


But, you need to be careful to only use special supplements that are formulated specifically for kids. The Immune and Sinus Support Kit by Blissful Health and Wellness is a safe and effective option for children. The kit consists of the Bioray Kids Immune and Sinus Rinse that can help strengthen your child’s immune system, making them ready to go back to school.

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5. Teach Them The Importance Of Personal Hygiene

Keeping your kids safe from harmful germs and viruses is key to maintaining their health. And the first step to doing that is by encouraging them to maintain their personal hygiene. Start by inculcating good hygiene habits in them - washing their hands properly with soap and water after coming home from outside, before and after each meal, using the toilet, handling pets, and so on. 


And as a precautionary measure against the ongoing pandemic, they should always wear masks when visiting public spaces. Additionally, ensure they carry (and use) antibacterial lotion, gels, sanitisers and disposable wipes when outside. Of course, you cannot boost your child’s immunity in this manner, but it can contribute to their health by reducing their chances of getting an infection.

6. Prioritise Their Mental Health

Poor mental health can negatively affect your child’s body and make them more prone to illnesses. And the social isolation that was accompanied by the pandemic has affected the mental health of kids as much as of adults.


Try ensuring a stress-free environment as much as possible for your kids at home. Spend time daily talking and playing with them to keep them happy and secure. This will ensure that they don't hesitate to share anything that might be bothering them with you and if you find your child showing symptoms of anxiety or depression, it's best to consult a professional at the earliest. You can find out list of services available here at our mind clinic here.

Summing Up

Going back to school after such a long gap is by no means easy for children. And with the threat of infection still looming over their heads, it's the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are healthy enough before they return to their classrooms. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned above to strengthen your child’s immune system and make them ready for school again!