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  • Nasal allergies, dryness & hayfever 

  • Sinus pressure & nasal stuffiness

  • Nasal symptoms from flu & cold

  • Nasal irritation from occupational & house dust, fumes, animal dander, grass, pollen, smoke etc

  • Post-nasal drip & nasal congestion

  • Helps to Cleanse the Lungs

  • Supports Easy Breathing

  • Soothes Throat Irritation & Discomfort


Sinus Rinse For Kids

The NeilMed" SINUS RINSE'" packets/sachets when used with 240 ml(8 IIoz) water will make:

  1. pH neutral solution. Since the pH of NeiiMed's formula is very close to that of body tissues, the resultant solution will not bum or sting.
  2. Isotonic solution that will not create complications of osmosis & osmotic pressure. Isotonic Saline is defined as 9 mg of sodium chloride per ml of water. Any concentration higher than this is defined as hypertonic.
  3. Please note: It is possible that you may experience temporary burning or stinging with the hypertonic solution.


AllerTrex is the only natural respiratory support product on the market which uses a Spagyrex processed blend of powerful herbs and essential oils that support normal function and cleansing of the lungs, sinuses and respiratory tract.

A lung cleanse is a natural procedure designed to assist in the purification of accumulated environmental toxins, harmful organisms and accumulated irritants. The cleaning of the lungs is something that should be done regularly because of the declining quality of indoor and outdoor air.


Please see the individual products linked below for the ingredients,

Sinus Rinse for Kids 


How to Take:

Sinus Rinse

Ensure you read the enclosed instructions and only use as directed. Neilmeds recommendation is to replace the bottle every three months


Spray into mouth, inhale deeply three times, then swallow remaining liquid. Age 12+: 6 sprays 3 times daily. Age 6-12: 4 sprays 3 times daily Age 3-6: 2 sprays 3 times daily


We always recommend you consult your wellness or health care practitioner before adding any diet changes or supplements to your daily wellness routine and practice.