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Ozone Generator

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  • Removes residue and pesticides from vegetables & fruits, makes vegetables & fruit taste better.
  • Kills bacteria and removes offensive smell in fish, meat, egg, rice, increases the flavour of meat.
  • Purify drinking water from the regular tap or while camping in the wilderness
  • Extend the life of fruits and vegetables while sanitizing and improving flavor
  • Sanitize cooking utensils like forks, spoons, knives, spatulas, tongs and more
  • Treat hot tub or spa water without harsh, noxious chemicals like chlorine
  • Purify bath water to improve hygiene, protect hair and nurture skin and pores
  • Disinfect baby bottles after washing for additional protection against germs, bacteria and virus
  • Neutralise Office Air for fresher, more pleasant smell and cleaner breathing experience throughout the work day
  • Deodorize Home Air including odors caused by cats, dogs and other pets; infuse a crisp, clean, pleasurable scent only found in nature
  • Removes mold and mildew odors in the bathroom or basement
  • Neutralizes cooking odors like offensive smells caused by onion, spices, burnt oil, fish and beyond
  • Kills bacteria in both air and water for extra safety and precaution during cold and flu season
  • Ozonates olive oil and other oils in liquid form, preserving and improving the taste and texture
  • Purifies aquarium water to provide a healthier living environment and remove unsightly discoloration
  • Fights pollen and other allergens throughout the year, helping alleviate symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Immediately neutralizes smoke caused by cigarettes, cigars, woodburning fireplace and house fires
  • Low energy usage.


Ozone is a powerful oxidiser, breaking down pesticides and turning harmful chemicals into carbon dioxide, water and other non-toxic compounds.


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