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Organic Nursing  Milk Bundle

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Boost Milk Supply: Increase lactation for abundant milk production.
Lactation Support: Organic herbs promote optimal breastfeeding.
Nutrient-Rich: Essential vitamins and antioxidants for overall well-being.
Relaxation and Stress Relief: Create a calm breastfeeding environment.
Digestive Comfort: Support healthy digestion during feeding.

Experience the ultimate nursing support with our Organic Milk Boost Bundle! Designed to address common breastfeeding challenges, this bundle offers a range of solutions to enhance your nursing journey. Boost milk supply, promote lactation, and provide essential nutrients for both you and your baby. Enjoy a sense of relaxation and stress relief while supporting healthy digestion during feeding. Unlock the natural power of breastfeeding with our carefully curated bundle

Organic Oatstraw 50g

Organic Nettle Leaf 50g

Organic Red Raspberry Leaf Loose Tea 50g

Oatstraw tea:

Oat straw can be brewed into a distinctive tea by steeping the straw in hot water, straining and pouring - before enjoying it as you would any other herbal infusion.

Nettle tea:

You can have it at least twice a day - or more - whenever you wish. Making nettle tea as part of your daily cleanse routine.

Red Raspberry Leaf Loose Tea:

Add your Raspberry Leaf to a tea strainer or tea ball of your choice and Pour boiling water over the leaves and steep for 10-15 minutes. If you don't own a tea strainer or ball, don't worry just pour your boiling water over the leaves. Steep for 10-15 minutes then strain the tea and drink.


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