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What is Iridology and how does it work?

Iridology, as for the other reflex disciplines, investigates the global health of the individual on the four levels:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • mental
  • energy

The iridologist then assesses, through iridological analysis:

  • the constitutional ground
  • any genetic predispositions
  • areas of weakness
  • excesses and deficiencies
  • lifestyle
  • stress and relationship with it

Once the data has been collected, a rebalancing project is drawn up based on what emerged during the analysis.
As for all other holistic disciplines, there are no rigid protocols to follow, as each individual reacts to the same input in a different way.

The project, built ad hoc on each individual, provides, if necessary, nutritional measures, physical activity, meditation, use of natural remedies.

The aim is to support the body in recovering its health, maintaining homeostasis and thus preventing any diseases.


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