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Focus Plus Combo

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  • Bright Spark - Tablets for Attention Problems & Hyperactivity
  • Focus Formula- For Concentration & Mental Focus


  • Improved focus, concentration and mental clarity
  • Helps increase attention spans in children and adults
  • Reduces symptoms of inattention, distractibility, erratic and impulsive behaviour
  • Temporarily relieves forgetfulness, as well as problems concentrating and staying alert
  • Relieves symptoms of mental fatigue
  • Promotes alertness

How to Use:

Bright Spark: To take, chew or dissolve these very small, pleasant-tasting tablets directly in the mouth. Alternatively, for children, tablets may be crushed and combined with soft food like yogurt or apple sauce, sprinkled directly on the tongue or mixed in a little warm water. For all ages: Take 2 tablets 3 times daily on an empty stomach. Initial dosage only: Take 1 tablet every hour for 6 hours on an empty stomach where possible. Special instructions: For children arriving home late from school, the second dose can be taken between 3-4 p.m. and the last dose directly before bed. BrightSpark™ should not cause any sleep problems.

Focus Formula: Dilute drops in a small amount of water or juice and sip slowly. Alternatively, drop directly into the mouth with dropper. Adults & Children 15+: Take 0.50 mL 3 times daily after meals. Children 10-14: Take 0.25 mL 3 times daily after meals. Children 3-9: Take 1 drop per year of age 3 times daily after meals.



BrightSpark: Argent nit 6C: loss of control and balance, trembling, long-continued mental exhaustion, weak memory aggravated by intellectual work, cerebral tiredness, Arsen iod 30C: marked physical anxiety, anger and irritability, aversion to answering questions, Hyoscyamus 30C: talkative, mania, delirium, involuntary muscular movements, shivering, tics; suited to nervous, irritable individuals, Veratrum alb 30C: sullen indifference, aversion to talk, melancholy, general weakness, collapse, exhaustion, loss of energy, Inactive ingredients: Magnesium stearate, Maltodextrin, and sucrose.

Focus Formula: Wild Harvested Ginkgo Leaf (Ginkgo biloba) Ginkgo has a rich folk history for treating poor circulation. Ginkgo leaf is also used orally for conditions associated with cerebral vascular insufficiency, especially in the elderly, including memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and mood disturbances. Active ingredients include flavone glycosides (including ginkgolide), bioflavins, sitosterol, lactones and anthocyanin, Organic Chamomile Flower was traditionally used to help relieve occasional simple nervous tension. This herb helps to gently soothe and lessen frustration caused by common everyday overwork and fatigue. Active ingredients include volatile oil, flavonoids, valerianic acid, coumarins, tannins, salicylates and cyanogenic glycosides, Organic Skullcap Herb has been traditionally used to support nervous system health. It helps to support the natural equilibrium normally present in the mind and contributes to the maintenance of a healthy attitude. Active ingredients include flavonoids, tannins, bitter, volatile oil and mineral, Organic Gotu Kola Herb is found wild in moist areas throughout Africa and Asia. This herb is traditionally used to support a healthy brain and nervous system. Centella asiatica is recommended to support brain functions such as mental clarity and a healthy memory, as well as to maintain a balanced mood. Centella asiatica is also a favourite food of elephants and, as we all know, elephants never forget, Organic Fresh Wild Oat Seed is a general tonic traditionally used in folk medicine, as well as in modern herbalism. Avena sativa is invaluable in supporting the nervous system. Active ingredients include saponins, flavonoids, minerals, alkaloids, steroidal compounds, and vitamins B1, B2, D and E, Organic Nettle Leaf is used both traditionally and in modern herbalism to maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range. Urtica urens also help to maintain the good disposition of the circulatory system in a healthy body. Active ingredients are histamine, formic acid, acetylcholine (important in maintaining healthy memory functioning), glucoquinones, minerals, vitamins A, B and C, and tannins, Rooibos Herb contains magnesium, zinc and iron, all of which assist in maintaining a healthy nervous system. Zinc and iron, in particular, support natural systemic balance in the brain, promoting standard consistency and normal functioning of the nervous system, Inactive ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, deionized water, raspberry and mixed berry natural flavours