Charisma Home Magnet Geostress

Charisma Home Magnet Geostress

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Geopathic stress is caused by ‘radiations’ which emanate from some underground streams, mining disturbances, rock faults and energy ley lines.

The specific nature of these radiations is at present unknown but they can affect the buildings that we live and work in, adversely affecting our immune systems. By far the most common source of these negative earth radiations is from underground water flows.

Charisma Home helps to protect against both environmental stress and geopathic stress. This improvement in the coverage of environmental stress is important because of the increasing use of smart meters around the country.

Even if you don't have a smart meter fitted in your home your neighbours might have one, or more, fitted in theirs. The new format also allows the program to expand protection beyond those two sources of stress into, what might be considered, esoteric areas. More than thirty new protections have been added to the list.

While the magnet isn't as stylish as the glass model I think the lowered aesthetics are more than compensated for by the lower price, increased performance, smaller size and, therefore, greater discreetness.

The magnetic products are updated remotely, when needed, so you will always have the latest program. Our homes are bombarded with nastiness because whenever a product is made, or an energy is utilized there is always a second reality component that accompanies that product, or energy. Remember, there is no up without an accompanying down.

The problems can come via satellites in space, the water supply, telephone land lines, electricity and gas services, ley lines, Hartmann Curry lines, other peoples emotions, the list goes on.