Cacao Butter Drops

Cacao Butter Drops

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Organic pure, raw cacao butter drops.

An essential ingredient used to make chocolate, but it can also be incorporated into a number of baking recipes and desserts.

Top-quality organic raw cacao butter drops are an absolute must-have for any bakers and sweet food lovers.
  • A must-have sweet baking and chocolate maker’s ingredient, with very handy textural properties
  • Melts easily into liquid oil at 35°C – and body temperature will melt it nicely!
  • Use cacao butter drops to make luscious personal care products, including skin soothers, soaps, body rubs and lotions
  • Mix with cacao or cocoa powder and your favourite natural sweeteners to make irresistible chocolate gifts and treats
  • Cacao butter has lots of healthy nutrients and properties


Organic Raw Cacao Butter Drops