Collection: Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts are a great way to de-stress from hours of work and trigger the smooth flow of blood throughout the body. Having a high Magnesium content, are a chief component used to promote healthy muscle movement and the overall well-being of the human body. 

14 products
  • Westlab Reviving Epsom Salt
  • Mindful Epsom Salts 1 Kg
  • Soothing Dead Sea Bath Salts 5 Kg
  • Westlab Sleep Epsom Salts 1 Kg
  • Westlab Soothing Dead Sea Salt 1 Kg
  • Westlab Relaxing Magnesium Flakes 1 Kg
  • Westlab Recover Epsom Salts 1 Kg
  • Westlab Cleanse Epsom Salts 1 Kg
  • Cleansing Bath Frizzer Himalayan
  • Kids Dead Sea Bath Salts 500g
  • Reviving Epsom Bath Salts 5 Kg
  • Relaxing Magnesium Flakes 5 Kg
  • Himalayan Salt Cleansing 1 Kg
  • Espsom Salt Bath Frizzer Reviving 150 G