E3 Live Algae

E3 Live Algae

E3 live algae is an organic superfood that is nutrient-dense with high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, various essential fatty acids, and more. This is a commercially produced blue-green algae, which is commonly used as a dietary supplement. It is found in most places around the world but is mostly obtained from the pristine waters of the Great Lakes of North America and the Baltic Sea.


E3 Live Algae is sold as an important food supplement all across the world. They are used for treating and combating various health issues and diseases. They can be either consumed directly or along with your smoothies, a healthy beverage of choice, or as per the directions of the product.


Among the many benefits (which are mentioned later in the blog), E3 Live Algae is said to elevate the vitality and endurance factor of human beings by several notches. It increases energy and makes you feel and look younger, both mentally and physically. It is vital to consume freshly harvested and the prescribed amount of E3 Live Algae to promote cell health and reap its benefits.

Benefits of E3 Live Algae

E3 Live Algae is nothing less than a gift of nature for human consumption. This premium-quality superfood has so many benefits. Here is a list of  a few of them:

  • It is a naturally bioavailable superfood, which is high in complex carbohydrates, all the essential active enzymes, and phytochemicals.
  • They are used for treating issues related to high blood pressure.
  • They are used by people who are diabetic, obese and have high cholesterol levels.
  • E3 Live Algae helps in boosting the metabolism and revitalising a weak immune system.
  • They are packed full of all the essential amino acids that aid in the furtherance of a healthy heart.
  • It helps in the migration of white blood cells all across the body.

Where to get  E3 Live Algae From?

While purchasing E3 Live Algae, it is important to go for the ones that are toxin-free. The algae should be grown in non-contaminated areas and be tested for being free of toxins and chemicals that can make them harmful for consumption. 


For the freshest, best quality E3 Live algae, you can purchase E3 Live from Blissful Health and Wellness. It is produced from a blue-green range of algae, AquaBotanical – Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae (AFA), obtained from the Klamath Lake in Oregon. Besides AFA, the other ingredients include plant cellulose and water.


Adults are recommended to consume one to two capsules at least two times a day or as per their individual needs.


Why you should include E3 Algae in your daily routine:

  • It assures stronger hair, nails, and youthful, glowing skin.
  • It relieves stress and makes you feel calmer and composed.
  • E3 Live boosts your immunity and helps fight off viruses and infections.
  • It keeps the cell protected and secured from bacterias and other foreign bodies.
  • It can be consumed by vegetarians.
  • The product is vegan, gluten-free, and wheat-free.
  • No artificial colors, sweeteners, fillers, or preservatives have been used.


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