Top tips on how to protect yourself from wireless devices and EMF's

Top tips on how to protect yourself from wireless devices and EMF's

Emfs are (electromagnetic fields), people are becoming more and more aware of the harm.


We have written some information below on what EMFs are, the effects on your body, and how to minimize exposure.




Your body is designed to handle EMFs to a certain degree. We emit electromagnetic energy, and there’s no escaping that.


Imagine this an EMF is an invisible cloud of electricity that surrounds electrically charged particles. When these charged particles are moving (and they always are)! They produce magnetic fields.




To a point. In the world, we have many more EMFs in the atmosphere than it did years ago. Imagine once cell phones found their way into everyone’s pocket! And now we are going wireless with everything.


As this happens, we your bodies have to deal with more and more of these EMF waves. As they are rapidly expanding our bodies do not have the time to catch up. Some evidence that this flood of emfs is causing some huge damage to your cells.


EMFs aren’t going away anytime soon, so instead of waiting around to see what the long-term repercussions are.  So we stock some proactive ways to avoid overexposure.




In an ever-growing wireless world, EMFs are everywhere.


EMF sources in your everyday lives are:

  •       Cell phones
  •       Your wireless internet
  •       Your neighbor’s wifi
  •       Wireless conveniences: smart thermostat, baby monitors, security  cameras
  •       Microwave oven
  •       UV Lights
  •       Household light bulbs
  •       The sun


Why are EMF's harmful?


EMFs disturb your body processes from head to toe and everywhere in between. Imagine having radiotherapy every day - waves pulsating through your body? Why when you have an x-ray is the person taking it stood way way way - away from you?


The brain and nervous system get a lot of attention, but EMFs can alter your body in more ways than that. EMFs:


  •       Disrupt the immune system
  •       Cause behavioral problems
  •       Damage cells
  •       Disrupt sleep cycles
  •       Change blood pressure and heart rate
  •       Reduce sperm quality and motility



  •       Ditch your microwave
  •       Use emf protective phone cases
  •       Keep phones and laptops off of your body
  •       Turn off your Wi-Fi when you’re not using it
  •       Use the old school cables when possible
  •       Install emf blockers in your house


It is a simple fact, we now all live in a Toxic Environment


No One is about to give up their Smart Phone, Laptop, Tablet, Smart TV, Computer, or Games Console,


So, it is time we start to protect ourselves. From the Scientifically Proven and Harmful effects, that EMF's have on our health. This way we can continue to use them with peace of mind.


At Blissful we have solutions for you


1)    Aulterra EMF Neutralizer stickers


2)    Aulterra USB Home Neutralizers


3)    Aulterra USB Car Neutralizers


4)    Blue Tube Headsets


5)    Swiss Tesla Necklace 


6)    Polaraid Disc


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