Ozonisation: An Overview

Ozonisation: An Overview

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With antibacterial sprays flying off the shelves, it becomes difficult to find a substitute that will help you protect yourself from viruses. Viruses, due to inadequate control measures, might pose a threat to your health and well-being. There is a need to find a measure that not only keeps you clean and the surfaces around you decontaminated but is also efficient and affordable.


After evaluating the efficacy of various antibacterial solutions, it is safe to say that ozonisation, better known as ozonation, has been declared one of the best antiviral and antibacterial treatments. It is not only practical in its application but also, in most cases, gets the contaminants completely eradicated.

What is Ozone Water Treatment?


There is a soaring need for reliable air and water disinfection methods. Among the many well-known methods, ozonation is considered one of the best. Under it, ozone water treatment is the process of infusing ozone into water.


Without getting into the technicalities, the primary function of this treatment is to remove impurities in the form of pollutants, viruses and other contaminants from the water. Highly reactive oxygen species are released in the water and they rapidly react with the viruses and bacterias, effectively killing them, without leaving any chemical traces.

Benefits of Ozone Water Treatment

  • The disinfection effectiveness of ozone water treatment far exceeds any other antibacterial treatment like chlorination or using disinfectants with high iodine content.
  • It eliminates the need for using toxic chemical sprays that release harmful fumes that are difficult to inhale.
  • It fits the budget and the need for handwashes, hand wipes, and other cleaners is also eliminated.
  • Ozonated water is safe to consume and also gets rid of stomach bugs, viruses and cases of flu. It also activates the natural antioxidants of the body.
  • If you suffer from skin issues like eczema, skin parasites, or psoriasis, you can always sit in a bath full of ozonated water, which is an effective way to get rid of infections.
  • By removing toxins, pesticides, hormones, heavy metals, and other harmful additives from fruits and vegetables, it prevents foodborne illnesses.

Ozone Air Treatment: Application and Importance

An Ozonator air purifier is used to remove airborne contaminants and odours. Ozone is released from these purifiers, a molecule of which attaches itself to the contaminants and pollutants present in the atmosphere and further eliminates it. They are extremely strong and vigorous, and must only be used under the guidance of qualified professionals. Additionally, the premises where ozonation is executed must be completely evacuated during the process and one hour after it. Regulated and controlled operation of the purifiers is recommended.


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, ozonation is a successful and practical method of removing impurities and contaminants, without leaving any chemical traces. As it is viable and effective, it is the preferred method for both residential and commercial filtrations, alike. It is also extremely environmentally friendly, and industries across the world have heavily relied on this technology for years.

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