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What's The Best Supplement For Joint Pain?

If you suffer from joint pain after physical activity or after your daily routine.  

Most people have had to deal with joint pain at some point in their lives. Joint pain can happen after physical activity or after doing everyday tasks like bending, kneeling, or even playing sports. If you are experiencing joint pain after physical activity or your daily routine, this could help. This study showed that collagen peptides are linked to significant reductions in joint pain and discomfort. 


Joint Pain


Euromonitor noted that it is estimated that 93% of those between the ages of 45 and 59 globally have concerns about joint and muscle pain, with two-thirds of those positive respondents saying that it has a moderate to severe impact on their health.

The research found collagen peptides can play an important role the body’s ability to repair connective tissue, reducing joint pain and function in middle-aged people.

The participants of the study, all between the ages of 45 and 65 who spent at least three hours per week undertaking activities such as hiking or cycling, 10g of collagen peptides daily. The supplementation period lasted six months.

Following the supplementation period, it was determined that those who consumed the collagen peptides daily had an average 36% improved score on the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, which indicates significant reductions in perceived pain and improvements in knee functionality. By contrast, more than half of the participants who were in the placebo group saw a significant decline in their scores.

Beyond exercise, improvements were noted for everyday activities as well. One-third of those supplementing with collagen peptides saw clinically meaningful improvements in portions of the test which covered activities of daily living such as commuting, cleaning, and shopping, a change which did not occur in any of the participants in the placebo group.

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