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Learn how Marisa Peer Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you!

What you can expect from this experience:

A shift in your perspective: It is going to be a solution- oriented process, in which we will work together to enable you to achieve whatever it is that you want, therefore it is crucial to focus on what’s your priority.

Hypnotic experience: Rapid Transformational Method is extremely effective because it is using a state of hypnosis, in which you will be able to bypass this loud and critical “monkey mind”, and, at the same time, you will become highly suggestible to the positive statements.

Hypnosis is a very natural, meditation-like state, in which you will feel deeply relaxed and at ease. You will be fully aware and in control. By using REM  (the Rapid Eye Movement), which we experience everyday during sleep, you will notice how easy it is for you to connect to your inner awareness.

Great Results: You can experience the results in different ways;

  • On the spot: You immediately feel a massive shift.
  • Cumulative: You see consistent shifts every day, or over time.
  • Retroactive: You don’t notice the shift right away and then at some point you realize that something that used to be an issue is not affecting you anymore or is not there anymore.

Permanent Change: Mind learns by repetition. Listening to your recording for 21 consecutive days is a way of wiring in the change so it stays with you.

Empowerment: Going through the process and achieving your goal will open your appetite and make you realise that you are unstoppable and everything is available to you.

What a RTT session with is NOT:

A space where I only listen to the issue and offer consolation: It is my aim to work together to overcome the issue you suffer from and put it behind you. It’s ok if you think you are not at that stage yet, however I am a firm believer that our words have power and repeating the same story again and again, only makes the issue stronger. Consolation is a side effect of the process, not the solution to the issue.

A magical spell that will work on you no matter what: Your power is yours only and your beliefs are yours to change. You undertake therapy on the understanding that it is a collaborative process, and that progress depends in part upon your own motivation and participation.

A scientific symposium: I strongly believe that the only purpose of the diagnosis, and deep scientific knowledge of the issue is to HELP and ASSIST you to fix the issue and not a final sentence. In other words I cannot help you if you set up your mind to look for the proof why you cannot overcome the issue, because your mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs. Unless you want it, it is not my job to break you free from the loop of self-fulfilling prophecy.

A space where I help you achieve what you want without you valuing your goal or admitting you value your goal: This process to work requires a certain level of honesty and transparency. We tend to take more care of things we value. Or I could say we value what we take care of. If you are at the stage when you really want something but you are unable to admit it, it would be a good idea to work on resolving that issue first.

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