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Understand your Algae's!

A question often asked, is; Are Spirulina & Chlorella the same as e3 AFA Algae?

For those who know about nutritional edible algae, there's a tendency to want to compare algae in a competitive way. But this isn't the way I look at it. Each of these algae have their proper roles.


Know you algaes

Chlorella is very specific for getting mercury out of the system.

Spirulina is very good for hepatitis.

Although Chlorella or Spirulina may help mental functioning a little bit, it's nowhere near the effect that AFA has on mental functioning.

So Spirulina works more on the physical body, and AFA’s real gift to humanity is that it works more on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, yet, still has tremendous effects physically, as I've been mentioning. But it's the mental functioning where people really feel the difference..

“Dr.Gabriel Cousens on e3live

Here are the top 5 health benefits of E3Live AFA:

1. Peak performance of body, mind, and spirit – According to one of the world’s foremost holistic medical doctors, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, he discovered that E3Live’s line of products helps restore your overall biochemical balance by providing your body with the much-needed nourishment targeted at the cellular level. This means you improve your ability to function at a higher level physically, mentally, and emotionally.

2. Long-lasting energy boost – With over 40 years of experience as a clinical nutritionist, Dr. Fred Bisci from New York can attest to the energy-boosting benefit of E3live AFA. Unlike sugar and caffeine, both known to be unhealthy stimulants, E3AFA provides you with wholesome and lasting energy without “crashing”. He is also impressed as to the wide range of health problems the product may help.

3. Faster recovery time – if you are an athlete, the ability to recover after a strenuous physical activity be it in training or actual competition is of utmost importance. The AFA blue-green algae provided by E3Live may just be the perfect aid for you. Take for example Esak Garcia, a yoga asana champion. With profuse sweating and food intake, E3 has provided him a whole food supplement that helps keep him going and recover quickly. Endurance athletes such as marathon runners and triathletes also have high praises for E3 Live.

4. Complete nutrition – living in a fast-paced, stress-prone work environment, how do the likes of models, artists, and top executives cope? With long hours of work, constant travel, living in hotels, and on-the-go food, E3Live AFA helps by providing you with more than 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids & essential fatty acids. E3AFA is also rich in chlorophyll which has antioxidant and therapeutic properties. You can rest easy knowing you have a reliable supplement to help get you through the day.

5. Healthy mood balance and stress management – AFA blue-green algae are naturally rich in Phenylethylamine (PEA) and Phycocyanin. Both chemicals are responsible for producing a calming and mood-stabilizing effect. It’s safe to say it is effective in countering depression, anxiety, and other stress-related disorders but without any toxic or side-effect with long-term use.
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