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Have You Ever Though Of Using a Castor Oil Pack For Better Health?

Why and How to Use a Castor Oil Pack for Better Health?


Castor oil has been recently doing the rounds in the market due to its high demand across the world. This is so because this particular oil contains several elements that can do wonders for your skin, hair, and aid in various ailments you might suffer from. Over the years people have used it to treat their lymphatic system, gallbladder, liver, and cure constipation.

 Castor oil for better health from Blissful Health and Wellness Naxxar

This article will tell you why castor oil is so useful and how to use a castor oil pack for better health. The oil contains antibacterial properties along with several therapeutic and medicinal components as well. Let us dive into some basic information on castor oil like what it is, why is it important, and how to use it.


Benefits of Castor Oil Pack


Increases Immunity


Followers of naturopathy know that castor oil increases the white blood cells in the body, which is important for battling against infections. Within a few hours of application, it multiplies the production of lymphocytes in the body that provide you with all the power to tackle various bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cancer cells.


Castor oil is a great detox for the body. It promotes the health of your heart and solves digestive issues if any. It benefits the process of metabolism as well. Using castor oil packs can be very useful.


Boosts Blood Circulation


Immunity goes hand in hand with proper blood circulation in your body. Without the proper functioning of your lymphatic system, you can easily fall sick. Blood circulation is crucial since it offers your cells with adequate oxygen. Castor oil has proven very beneficial in increasing blood circulation in the body.


Pregnant women often consume castor oil orally to induce labor. However, the downside of this is the nauseous feeling that comes with drinking castor oil.


Cures Constipation


Castor oil packs act as laxatives which keeps constipation at bay. Ricinoleic acid is generated when castor oil is consumed orally and this functions as a laxative. Your system will be cleansed completely and proper bowel movement generated if you take this oil regularly. It cures constipation.


Heal Joint Pains


Castor oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which makes it the perfect oil to massage with in case you suffer from arthritis. Be it sore muscles, nerve inflammation, or pain in the joints, a castor oil massage accompanied by a hot water bag helps in relieving the pain to a great extent. Repeat this process twice a week for maximum benefit.


Treats the Gallbladder


While gallbladder cleanses are pretty common and a quick way to treat issues in the gallbladder, castor oil is a more natural way of treating these issues. You can soak a warm cloth in castor oil and place it on the abdomen. This acts as a great pain relief and gets rid of gallstones, cleansing your gallbladder.


How To Use a Castor Oil Pack?


Here are a few simple steps that will guide you in how to use a castor oil pack.


  1. Lay down on a washable or disposable sheet so that it can be cleaned if castor oil drops fall on it.
  2. Place the castor oil pack on the area that you want cured or healed. For example, if you are suffering from digestive problems like constipation, place the castor oil pack on your stomach for maximum benefit.
  3. Cover the castor oil with a small plastic sheet since this keeps the oil heated and makes it more effective when pressed against the troubled area.
  4. If you want more heat, you can place a hot water bottle or even a heating pad on the small sheet. Under no circumstances should you fall asleep while heating the castor oil. This can lead to burns.
  5. For proper effects, keep the pack on the particular area for at least 45 minutes to an hour.
  6. The container used to soak the oil can also be used to store it. Make sure you cover the castor oil before putting it inside the refrigerator. Each pack should not be used more than 30 times.

The castor oil pack manufactured by Be Blissful can similarly be used by following the steps mentioned above. This oil pack also has several benefits for your health such as it boosts the lymphatic system, reducing the size of swollen lymph nodes, removing toxins from the cells, and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and yeasts with the help of the ricinoleic acid contained in the pack. The castor oil pack includes the oil and wool flannel. You can follow the guidelines mentioned on the product to understand how to take the oil and what kind of environment to create before taking it. Guess what? You can even save 20% on the castor oil pack. You can visit the Blissful Health and Wellness shop at Malta.


Side Effects of Castor Oil


While castor oil is an overall beneficial product for the hair, skin, and other parts of the body, you should also know about some of its side effects. Reports have stated that many people who have used castor oil have often suffered side effects like swelling, skin rashes, and itching. If you experience any such kind of reaction to the oil, you must seek medical advice immediately. Even minor skin irritation must be checked by a doctor to avoid problems in the future.




Castor oil has many benefits and you will realise these once you start applying it regularly. Starting from constipation to liver and gallbladder problems, it has the components to heal anything. This article has covered some of these benefits of the oil packs along with how to use and store the pack. It also provides you with a few common side effects of castor oil which as an user you must be aware of.