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Are you still looking for the answers, to your chronic health problems?


If you're looking to improve your health and wellness, there's no better place to start than with a heavy metal cleanse. A heavy metal cleanse helps prevent and reduce the harmful effects of heavy metals in the body through holistic means. The goal of this type of cleanse is to rid your body of any toxins that can hinder your health and well-being.

Do you suffer from chronic health problems and have yet to find the answers you seek? A Heavy Metal Cleanse could be just what you need

If you're suffering from chronic health problems and have yet to find the answers you seek, a heavy metal cleanse may be just what you need.

Heavy metals are naturally occurring elements that can be found in all living things. They occur in soil, water and air; they're also present in food we eat every day. However, heavy metals pose a serious threat to our health when they accumulate in our bodies over time--especially if we live near industrial areas that produce large amounts of pollution or if we work with chemicals regularly (such as those used at manufacturing plants).

The Benefits of a Heavy Metal Cleanse

A Heavy Metal Cleanse is a safe and effective way to remove heavy metals from your body.

Heavy metal toxicity has been linked to many chronic health problems, including:

  • Fatigue, brain fog, and memory loss
  • Digestive issues such as bloating and constipation
  • Skin rashes and acne (not related to diet)

Products that can help with cleansing from Heavy Metals are:

While there are many different methods of cleansing from heavy metals, here are some products that can help:

  • Chelation Therapy - This is a type of therapy used to remove excess amounts of toxins from the body. It involves taking supplements with chemical compounds called chelators which bind to the toxic substances and remove them from your system. Chelation therapy has been shown effective for removing lead, mercury and other heavy metals from the body.
  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C improves your immune system function by increasing glutathione production in the liver (which helps detoxify). It also supports kidney function so you can excrete more toxins through urine.
  • Cilantro/ Coriander leaves - These contain phyto-nutrients called flavonoids that have been shown effective at removing mercury from rats' bodies; however no studies have been done yet on humans.
  • Betonine Clay - Clays are acting like a magnet or sponge and absorb toxins and chemicals in the body. Except some high quality clay types, most of clays are cannot be ingested. They only can be used in topically. 
  • Activated Charcoal - Charcoal is a powerful natural product that helps in most of emergency situations that poisons need to be removed from someone’s body. It can helps to get rid of heavy metals and most of other toxin

Heavy metal cleansing diet

You can make some changes in your diet including food items that helps to remove heavy metals from the body. The dietary changes is helping to reduce the levels if excessive heavy metals accumulated in the human body.

Dietary fibres, chlorella, food which containing sulfur and cilantro are some of natural ingredients than can be added to our diet. Fruit and grains that includes bran will greatly involve in reducing mercury levels in brain and blood. Garlic and broccoli are few of sulfur containing foods. Garlic has been found as a food that prevent kidney damage from cadmium.

Leafy green vegetables, vitamin C rich foods, herbs and spices, bone broth, garlic and onions are also can be added to heavy metal cleanse diet. Green veggies such is detoxing heavy metals greatly. It is better to add some bitter green veggies such as mustard green, spinach and swiss chard in daily diet to have good results. Ginger, thyme, cinnamon turmeric, oregano like spices are offering anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Drinking about 8 ounces of water helps to remove toxic products from the body.

Farmed fish such as tilefish, king mackerel and swordfish, specific food allergens that one’s body cannot cope with, non-organic foods, food with additives which may exacerbate the toxicity symptoms and too much alcohol should be avoided from our diet to make a heavy metal cleanse diet.


We hope that you have found this information useful. We understand that it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to cleansing your body of heavy metals and other toxins. The good news is that there are many different ways to do so, including through food choices, supplements or even detox programs like ours!