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6 Tips To Protect Yourself and Family from Viruses, Colds & Flu

Blissful's top tips to helping you this season.

1. Eliminate the Top 6 Food Allergens

Eliminate the top 6 food allergens to reduce stress and inflammation on your immune system so your body can work effectively to fight off any nasties.

Those allergens are:

▪️ Animal Milk (inc.all by-products of animal milk)
▪️ Gluten
▪️ Sugar
▪️ Rice
▪️ Soya
▪️ Corn

2. Drink Plenty Of Water.


Drink plenty of mineral water from glass bottles & ideally alkalise that water through an alkalinity jug or stick to a pH of 8+.

You can check this daily using PH Tests Strips



3. Take Supplements daily to boost your immune system


▪️ PRP's - Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) are part of colostrum or “first milk”.
▪️ Colostrum IC
▪️ Zinc
▪️ Vitamin D
▪️ NAC
▪️ Glutathione
▪️ Curcumin
▪️ Colloidal Silver
▪️ Vitamin C

4. Ozonate water daily

Using an Ozone Generator you can:

▪️ Ozonate your fruit, veg, meat daily
▪️ Prepare ozonated water daily and use for washing hands, surfaces and floors and also for clearing the air in rooms. If you are infected by a virus then 4oz of ozonated water is to be consumed orally daily for 3 days.


5. Sinus Rinse & Oil Pulling Daily

Airborne virus particles take hold in mucus membranes in the sinus and mouth so, protecting and cleaning these areas daily will destroy any particles before they can move further into the body.


6. Avoid All Sugar

Sugar creates acid and inflammation which feeds a virus and bacteria. Should you wish to use a sweetener opt for Stevia or Coconut Sugar.

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