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6 Tips For Longevity

There is no magic involved in trying to prolong your life.

With a little bit of maintenance, a healthy diet, and a combination of a few tips that we are about to mention below, you can live a long and fulfilling life, too. 

 Longevity tips

  1. Take control of your body and believe in yourself. No matter how much you try for your body to look young, it will age with time. Instead, aim to keep your mind young. Make your mind capable of sustaining your body for years. Embrace the changes that come with your body evolving over the years. The goal shouldn’t be to live long but to live a healthy and content life. 
  2. Give proper attention to your food intake patterns and eat right (for yourself). Consume fresh and organic produce throughout the week before you treat yourself with a piece of your favourite chocolate fudge cake on the weekends. Be mindful of what makes you feel good and what zaps your energy. If you need some assistance in this area you may wish to look at our health testing where you can check for intolerances and allergies
  3. Take out time from your schedule to meditate. Make exercising an indispensable part of your routine. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean mindlessly picking up hefty weights and following unrealistic diets. Just make sure to move your body every day. A little stroll in your nearby park or a Sunday hike with the family is all you need.
  4. Be mindful of your habits. A healthy mind contributes to a healthy body. Therefore, make an effort to stay away from unhealthy eating and drinking habits. Be extremely intentional and vigilant about the choices you make in life that are likely to affect you in the long run. Reduce your consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. before they become addictions.
  5. Have a positive and practical outlook towards life. Stay away from things that bother you. Overthinking and over analysing trivial matters has become a familiar territory for all of us, but it is a futile lifestyle to indulge in. Nothing good ever comes out of it. Instead, carpe diem, my friend. Seize the day. Live each moment, each day as if it is your last, a cliched retort, but true. Sleep on time. Call your old friends. Spend time with your family. Develop a hobby. Take trips. Drink water. Make mistakes and learn from them. Do what your heart desires, and do it right.
  6. Be happy with what you have. There is no limit to our desires, and we are always out, trying to fulfil your quest for a happier, better life. But living a simple life, putting things into a proper perspective, and not yearning for perfection every time you do a task can add a lot to your happiness, and eventually a lot of years to your life, too. If what you do today won’t matter to you five years down the line, it shouldn’t matter now either.

There are many more tips that you will come across on the internet or experience over the years. A little self-love never hurts anyone, and will only promote a healthier and longer life for you.