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5 Reasons to Use a Menstrual Cup

Are you ready to take control of the dreaded time of the month?

Most of us women, girls, deserve to save money as well as having less hassle just because of our sex!

1. Non-Toxic:

Menstrual cups made from:

  • 100% soft medical-grade silicone
  • No BPA

2. Easy to insert! Anti-Bacterial and Odor-Free:

Easy to use, you just fold and insert your menstrual cup it will unfold to form a light vacuum keeping it in place, so it will not fall out!

3. No Leaks equals peace of mind!

Your cup holds up to 3 tampons worth for up to 12 hours. Don’t worry about your period during the day, swimming or at the gym!

4. Save Money!

Buying sanitary items cans tot up monthly! With one Menstrual cup, you’ll save loads of money by no longer purchasing pads and tampons on a monthly basis.

5. Zero Waste:

You will do your bit! by helping the planet! reducing waste no more waste with your menstrual cup!


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