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5 Benefits of Body Brushing

Body brushing is commonly referred to as dry brushing and it is used for skin exfoliation. This process has many benefits but before you take a brush and start sweeping it across your precious skin, you need to know about dry brushing and its benefits. This article will try and answer both these questions briefly.

 Body benefits

What is dry brushing?


Massaging your skin with a stiff-bristiled, dry brush is called dry brushing. You must brush your skin daily to get rid of the flaky dead skin, allow better circulation, detoxify the skin, and improve your stagnant lymphatic system. It is known to help your body get rid of toxins and helps break down cellulite.


Benefits of Body Brushing


1.    Helps to detoxify the skin


The skin gets filled with toxins that come from the environment, polluted elements in the air, various chemicals from moisturizers, make-up, and so many other sources. Your skin needs to breathe to be healthy. Dry brushing allows exfoliation and even increases blood circulation. 


2.    Helps stimulate the nervous system


If not for anything else, dry dry brushing to stimulate the nervous system that is always too stressed out and full of anxiety. It can help calm you and feel rejuvenated as you feel after a massage.


3.    Get an instant radiant glow


Dry brushing leads to exfoliation which allows better circulation. This essentially means that your skin can breathe better. An instant radiant glow is guaranteed when your skin feels and looks healthy. Your skin not only looks bright but also feels soft to the touch.


4.    Stagnant lymphatic system


The lymphatic system is the part of your body that helps fight infections and viruses. When you fall sick, your system is exposed to a lot of harmful toxins. These clog up and create a stagnant lymphatic system. This can be terrible for your skin. Dry brushing leads to the release of sweat along with which the toxins also escape your skin. The stiff bristles of the brush open up the pores and clear the clogs. 


5.    Cellulite


Cellulite is a common skin condition that is common in women. It creates a cottage cheese-like appearance on the skin. Dry brushing has proved to be effective in reducing this appearance of cellulite as it has similar effects to massaging. Dry brushing creates skin exfoliation and gets rid of cellulite effectively.


The Hydra body brush is an excellent example of a coarse and stiff bristled body brush. It is available on our website and is a great source of dry brushing to achieve all the benefits mentioned above. You can also visit our shop in Malta to check the products for yourself.




Dry brushing is an easy and cost-effective substitute for regular, expensive parlor massages. It has so many benefits as this article has displayed. If you want to get the maximum effects of dry brushing, make sure you use a coarse brush or a shower brush. However, the brush should not hurt your skin which might happen if your skin is too sensitive. If you suffer from any skin condition, it's better to take advice from your dermatologist before dry brushing. The skin is generally a very sensitive entity and nothing must be done to it without expert advice.